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How Exciting! Another News Release from the National Libertarian Party!

“Boomers going bankrupt at unprecedented rate”
Yet another revealing News Release issued today by the National Libertarian Party! We at Freedom Interactive TV Networks Association urge you to read this opining with attention. If you have been living in your hovel in the wilderness, or have the financing to remove yourself from the meltdown of the economy which has been going on for over a decade now this will be truly shocking. However, if you hold a job, run a business, thought you could retire, or had some illusion you could follow the Boomers or Greatest Generation to college, obtain a degree or professional training at a reasonable cost and so enjoy upward mobility and security, you probably rolled your eyes and screamed or groaned. If you knew all too well that the homeless rate is rising past alleviation, millions of Americans are now living in their cars, rapacious banks, backed by the Federal Reserve are producing homeless families at a great rate and the regulatory burden on Amer…

What really happened in 1992 – Not Perot or Clinton - but PhoneVoter and the power of Volitional Science

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

A small group of Voluntarists were persuaded by Brock d’Avignon, another Volitional Scientist, to spend time working feverishly on a plan to persuade candidates for President of the United States to sign up for FREE satellite time and participate in a Presidential Debate Tournament.Sixty-fpur Americans had signed up to run for president in 1992 and most of them remained unknown then and now.
These stalwart Voluntarists included Samuel E. Konkin, III, Bill Cousert, Ron Fink, Howard Hinman, Robert d'Avignon and Lawrence Samuels and Kent Hastings.

PhoneVoter was a business plan aimed at inserting interaction and dialog into political action and so catapulting candidates, and their ideas, characters, values and such, into public view.
Of the 64 presidential hopefuls only four candidates responded to multiple offerings of the proposals and the determined calls made by Brock d’Avignon, who at first had focused on Libertarian and other minor party candidates.
All w…