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In 1971 the Western Growers Association wanted Chavez in Federal Prison. They failed.

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 
Today there is an enormous amount of talk about about the divide between Red and Blue, which could be called the Second American Civil War.  But this is not a real divide,  it has been fostered in our minds to make it impossible for Americans to get traction for action, needed to enact real direct democracy.  To perpetuate the Divide we have been manipulated by the .001% using the major media, operatives, and a steady flow of money for payoffs.  They have rewritten history, changing the meaning of what it is to be a Conservative.  
The grape boycott had won in 1970 using non-violent, militant protest as their tool. Started on September 8, 1865, Hispanics joined with the original Filipino effort, choosing the path of non-violence. Chavez, a student of Gandhi, who was, himself was a student of Alice Paul. Improved conditions had been hard won. Cesar Chavez had put his life at risk, drawing attention nationally to their boycott with a hunger strike which laste…